Our Services

If you're looking for the best place for your child to thrive and grow with their peers, Children of The King Enrichment Center has you covered. Our child care center focuses on helping your little one continue to grow while you're at work.We are proud to provide a safe and engaging environment for the children under our care to learn. No matter your child's age we have activities and learning opportunities for them and their age group. There's never been a better place to trust that your child is being cared for while you work to provide for their needs.

You've been doing your best to raise your child in a faith based environment and that includes their schooling. At Children of The King Enrichment Center we've been proudly serving as one of the leading private Christian schools in the Winter Haven, FL area. Choosing to enroll your child in a private Christian school will ensure that they learn the educational basics in a faith filled environment. We are teaching our students with ACE ministry curriculum. Which is a self- paced bible base curriculum.They'll be able to explore topics and see how the world and Christianity have affected each other in various ways. We proudly carry a full curriculum and are continuously striving to provide the best educational materials to our students.

Have you been looking for the best place to entrust with your child's care while you're at work and they're finished with school for the day? Then let Children of The King Enrichment Center take care of the transportation needs of you and your child to our location. As a parent you always want the best for your children and that includes the best help in their continued learning once school is finished. That's where our staff members come in, to serve as safe transportation to our location where your little one will be helped with their homework and engaged in fun activities until you come to pick them up.

If you want somewhere safe for your child to spend their before and after school hours, then you're looking for Children of The King Enrichment Center and our programs. We specialize in offering affordable before and after school programs to the families in our community.Our center focuses on helping your child remain safe on those earlier and later than normal work days by providing transportation from their school to our center. While they're with us your child can expect to be engaged in a variety of fun activities meant to help their learning and retention of information. We also offer homework help so when you bring them home, they can enjoy family dinner time with you before heading to bed for the night.